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🎉Clearance Items---Save Up To 75% Off🎉

Height and Angle Adjustable Stool Knee Chair Sogeshome

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Color: Black

Product Description

Diverts gravity: Reduces waist pressure, and can help straighten your back and tuck your abdomen.

Adjustable height: The height of the adjusting rod can be adjusted at any time, the distance can be adjusted by screwing the screw

Unique Design: With the most suitable human engineering, you can exercise while working.

5 angles can be adjusted: Knee, waist, shoulder and neck, hip joint, back.

Reliable Materials: Use environmentally friendly materials and high-quality leather pads to ensure comfort during use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Sturdy seat. Decent purchase for the price.

    Pain relief:
    I wouldn't say the seat relieves any pain, but it does make for a more comfortable sitting situation than the Ikea dining chair I was previously using. I think, for the price, it's fine, but a proper computer chair with back support is probably better.

    The instructions for assembly could be much clearer. While the assembly wasn't particularly difficult, I was not impressed by the photos provided (and there were no illustrations).

    Overall, the seat is comfortable, but the pads could be softer. After a few hours, you really do feel sore on the shins, unless you keep your feet on the ground. (If you sit how the person is sitting in the photo of the product, your shins will get sore.)

    Other comments:
    The adjustable height is a big plus, especially as the seat can be lowered enough to fit under a table. The seat is very sturdy. The wheels don't always roll properly.

    The Tea Caddy
    A useful alternative to my regular office chair

    The seat and knee pad are comfortable and the handles make it very easy to get into and out of without looking ridiculous. It does, however, creak quite a lot in use, and it is very easy to accidentally catch the wheel locks with your feet while you are using it. Overall, not bad at all.

    It works, mostly

    Easy to assemble, works well although my
    Knees and lower legs do become painful after a while - it does help with backpain though. Price is reasonable as is quality.

    Derick Parsons

    Seems to be helping my son.

    L. Arango
    Great Buy

    I purchased this chair because I was having lower back pain while sitting for long periods of time in front of the computer. With this chair those days are over. I am very happy I made this purchase.